What to expect

Trinity has three different style of service each Sunday. Below is an example of what happens at each.

What happens at the 9.15am Early Church Service?

Families usually start to arrive about 10 minutes before the service but we realise that getting everyone out and to Church at that time in the morning can be difficult so we are happy for people to arrive at whatever time they can make it. Early Church happens in the church hall.

You will be greeted either by a member of the Early Church team or a Steward who will let you know what is happening and make you feel welcome. They are there to help so please don't worry if you have questions which may seem strange, we are always pleased to make you feel at home.

You will be directed to take a seat where you feel comfortable. There are two tables set up just inside the door. One has a cross on it made from bamboo and a basket of paper and pens; you are invited, if you would like, to write a prayer and roll it into a hole. These are then used in the service. The other is a bucket and/or money slot box for  "Gifts" which is for your gifts of money which goes towards the ministry of Trinity within the local community.  We do not expect those who are visiting or who are newcomers, to contribute unless you feel you would like to.  You will also find a box of percussion instruments for you to take to use during the service (we love to make a joyful noise to God!)

The service itself lasts about 50 minutes and is interactive and all age.  We usually follow the lectionary readings (although sometimes use the alternative readings) and will use all different learning styles to help all ages to hear from God. On first, second and fourth Sundays, there is a Breakout time where we split into three learning streams. Diggin' Deeper stays in the hall, for adults, is a sermon style talk, perhaps with discussion questions. Freedom Generation is for young people aged 10+ and Kidz Klub for children up to age 10. Parents are able to leave children in the children's groups or stay with them as they feel appropriate (all leaders are fully DBS checked and have completed Safeguarding training). On third Sundays we hold an informal Cafe Worship style church, including breakfast and on fifth Sundays we usually hold an Agape service (there are no breakouts on these weeks).

We aim to make it a relaxed and fun learning environment and this is enhanced by sung worship which is led by a group of musicians of all ages.  They play a variety of instruments from guitar, trumpet and drums to piano, saxaphone and recorder.  We also have various singers who help us to learn new songs and actions to some of them.

After the service we invite people to the Chatteris Suite or "Cellar" for Coffee&.  This is where we can have refreshments, real coffee, Fairtrade tea and Fairtrade biscuits.

There is games, toys and activities available in the Chatteris Suite during Coffee&. 

The congregation is made up from all ages and averages between 40 and 50 people.  They range from 3 weeks to 80+ years but all have one thing in common, they love God and want others to know Him.


What happens on a Sunday at 10.30am?

ante room 285People start arriving at the church anything up to half an hour before the service starts at 10.30am. Once you enter the front doors you will need to turn to the right and go up a few stairs where there will be a steward to welcome you.  You will find yourself in the ante room which is just a small area outside the main church where you will be greeted, handed information about this week’s activities  and made to feel welcome. Doors lead through to the church and you may sit where you like. There is no dress code and most people come fairly casually dressed. The average congregation is about 50 - 60.

Although there are hymn books and bibles available, all that you need will be projected onto the large screen at the front and be explained as we go along.

Services are led by a variety of people. Our Minister, Local Preachers, Worship Leaders and others.

A service usually lasts for about an hour and includes hymns, worship songs, bible readings and a talk or several short talks. A collection or offering is taken and there is no requirement or expectation to put any money in unless you want to. Where bibles or service books are used page numbers are announced so that you can easily follow. Although we stand for most hymns you may sit when you like during the service.  

Although the service doesn't usually include activities for children there are pew bags and activity in the ante room to help to keep the children amused. 

We have a loop system for the hearing impaired, full wheel chair access to the church (via a lift), disabled toilets just to the side of the ante room and wheel chair spaces can be arranged.

Toilets can be found throughout the building and there are ample signs to indicate where they are situated. The church also has free Wi-Fi from which you can access our website and Facebook page.

Coffee and tea is served after the service in the church hall. The stewards will be happy to take you down or direct you as necessary.


What happens at the 6pm service?

This service is held in the main church.  As with the 10.30 am service, you will be greeted by a Steward and given a notice sheet.  The services range from traditional to reflective to Cafe style and can be led by the Minister, local preachers or members of the Church.  This is usually a small congregation of around 8-15 people.