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When do we meet?

N:vestigate group    4 to 8 year olds          Friday 6pm-8pm
N:gage group              8 to 11 year olds       Friday 6.30pm-8.30pm
N:counta group         11 to 14 year olds    Friday 7pm-9pm
N:spire group             14 years and over    Friday 8pm-10pm 
Where do we meet?

At Trinity Methodist Church, North Street, Leighton Buzzard
Who is Girls’ Brigade for?GB

The Brigade is for girls of all ages.

What do we do?

We involve girls in a wide range of activities and learning within a Christian environment. There are regular Church Parades and also District Events.
The girls work together for badges and cover many aspects of life, as well as enjoying themselves with activities such as drama, singing, cookery, crafts, art, games, camp, trips out, make-up and hairstyles, needlework, and many more.
For further information use the "contact us" page. Please start your message with "Girls' Brigade".

Thank you!

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