Early Church - 9: 15am 2nd and 4th Sunday

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We would love you to join us.  The service is at 9.15am and is followed by Coffee & in the Chatteris Suite.  This is a time for refreshments and for children to join together in a craft or other activity.

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Autumn 2018

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Early Church is going to be every week from 2nd December.
Watch this space for more information.

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Early Church’ is informal worship with singers and a worship band, primarily aimed at families with children. The early start time and duration of only 45 minutes has been deliberately planned to appeal to families who often find that Sunday is the only day that they can spend together. Early church Oct 2016 2 315

There is always something different going on and we have something for every age group. In this way we offer worship that the whole family can enjoy together.

At the end of each service those attending can gather for `Coffee&’ in the Chatteris Suite for informal conversation over tea and coffee while further activities are provided for the children.

Every service is designed to appeal to all learning styles often with the chance to move around and experience different break out groups, e.g reflective, study, under 5's, creative, hands on learning.

We would love you to come and join us.

Early church Oct 2016 315       Early Church 2016 3 315